#Tangible14, DublinThank you to our hosts at the Landsdowne Rugby Club and all who participated. Once again, Raymond Sexton gathered an eclectic group of participants, Carol Conway pulled the disparate threads into a tapestry of leadership styles, business opportunities and socially responsible engagement with community.

The facility was beautiful! Special thanks to Michael Diskin for the welcoming remarks in which he reminded us that he advises folk who ask: “why join?” that the benefit is community, a wider network for business and social contacts.

It made us think – is that what Tangible Ireland really is? A club?

Opportunities for our wider network engagement abound. Jason Hier presented on “Facilitating Global Collaboration”. Imagine a user friendly tool that makes visual collaboration possible when working with people in different locations. Sharp Cloud is definitely a tool for Tangible Ambassadors.

Dan Feaheny was brilliant in introducing us to both the Simon Community & Focus Ireland. Pat Greene & John O’Hare had us transfixed with both the breadth of the problem of homelessness in the Republic and the depth of talent in the committed professionals working on solutions. There are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to to be involved.

Dan’s philosophy is clearly to never raise a problem without providing a solution. He then introduced Johnny Ryan author of The History of the Internet & the Digital Future. Now the Excecutive Director of the Innovation Academy at UCD, he shared a step by step model for innovative thinking – as well as the opportunity for a Design Thinking Master Class. Beyond that there are graduate and undergraduate classes in innovation at UCD.

Nowhere is the need for innovation in leadership greater than in both governments on the island of Ireland!

Alec Drew, the Straight Talker & Yanky Fachler both focused on the personal skills required to make the best of every introduction. From Alec we heard about clarity and focus in our message – from Yanky we learned about chutzpah!

Tony Allwright introduced a bit of history as a case study for “Doing Much by Doing Little”. Sir John James Cowperthwaite was his model. I’m convinced we need to examine the experience of his “hands off” economic policy, aptly named positive noninterventionism and the post war economic boom in Hong Kong. Did I mention it included a focus on social housing as “Job #1”.

The Atlantic Youth Trust will be the only island-wide initiative that brings youngsters from North & South together. This leadership development program is modeled on The Spirit of Adventure Trust voyages. It is a 40 year old program in New Zealand and has served 3 generations. Neil O’Hagan is on track to bring our own version of the program here in the next three years. Programming is underway & the ship plans are drawn – funding the build is all that’s required.

Catherina Casey,  the director of Irish Arts UK and founder of the soon to be launched Craic-It LDN is in the business of promoting Irish Arts and Culture in the UK. She Skyped in and  you’ll hear more about specific events from the London meeting next month.

We closed with a good news story from Connect Ireland. James Steele gave us an update on what happens when you put average citizens in the business of “inward investment”. They bring jobs – and get a reward! Up to €1500 for every job created.

Know someone – a friend or relative who is in business outside of Ireland? We all do. You can ask them if they’ve ever considered a European location? Support for developing import/export markets in Europe and beyond? Or better yet – just register the company with Connect Ireland and they’ll do the rest!

Thank you to all the speakers, our hosts and new visitors. We’re off to London on 6. November. We’d love to have you join us. Get in touch!