• “30 is not the new 20,
  • Claim your adulthood,
  • Get some “identity capital”,
  • Use your “weak ties”,
  • Pick your family,
  • Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do,
  • You are deciding your life right now”,

In an incredibly powerful talk Meg Jay succinctly explains why our twenties are and for my peers were – the defining decade of our lives.

The developmental surge from 0-5 when we develop language and attachments is well understood. Sadly, as a culture we trivialize what she describes as “the defining decade of adulthood”.

“Claiming your twenties is one of the simplest most transformative things you can do.”

yourjourneyWhat does this mean for me at near 60 or you in your 30’s and 40’s?

It explains a lot. It prepares you to understand what choices then have impacted your life now – and what habits, thought processes and even friends you need to jettison.

  • Are you ready to claim your life?
  • To let go the excuse of “victimhood”?
  • To begin living intentionally?

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 “The Defining Decade:Why Your Twenties Matter”, Meg Jay