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On… Emerald Valley; the first quarter

February 14, 2012
Event Space in Emerald Valley, Newry, Co Down

Event Space in Emerald Valley

We’re three months old:  WHEW! Parents of infants will understand that! There have been sleepless nights and long days – and joy that one could never have imagined.

The “naming” and official launch was met with much enthusiasm, a full house, cards, letters and offers of support. To all those involved, a resounding thank you.

So what is new? Resident companies are getting to know each other and that has been a good thing. Watching the wisdom and support shared daily is inspiring. Collaborative work efforts are springing up all around.

It occurs to me, though, that while we have announced that we are proud to have residents in technology, business advisory & change management, nascent start ups, traditional print, video production and even a professional conflict management consultancy – I usually forget to mention our own.

Nichola Bates and I have been billing ourselves as co-founders for so long that we have lost sight of promoting what got us here in the first place. Grow Sales Online – is a digital marketing firm that does “what it says on the tin”. Nichola offers that service to our residents, companies here on the island of Ireland and worldwide.  Empowering Change is also about “what it says on the tin”, and I continue to offer individual and group leadership on changing your world – or “the” world – to client companies in house and beyond.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” Einstein

So if you are wondering how to launch your own dream or solve a problem, stop in.

What Emerald-Valley delivers is what Empowering Change  and Grow Sales Online have always delivered – in a new way to  empower better results for you, your business or your community.


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