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Emerald Valley – 6 months on…

April 30, 2012

Emerald Valley, the third quarter looms! Half a year gone! And it flew!

Emerald Valley II – all tech, all the time has opened at the Carnbane Industrial Estate in some seriously upscale headquarters. Nichola Bates is moving her clients in along side MJM Marine in their new facility. It is close to the motorway and offers tech start-ups (particularly those with hardware development needs) the ability to grow beyond a desk or two and have light industrial space and distribution facilities close at hand. Monthly she hosts CoderDoJo in the Monaghan Street training room of Prestige Solutions. Following two successful monthly sessions there’s a “rock star” mentor, Greg Maguire, who will fill the house in May – register at CoderDoJoNewry .

Our new Canal Street residents include two consultancies. Both are women making the leap from “Work @ Home” to Work @ Work” (and home). Entrepreneurship is always a leap of faith and they are now in very good company!

They are joined by another young entrepreneur giving a PC repair business a go while maintaining his “day job”.

Two of our tech start ups are reaching new heights, patents achieved and US marketing partners knocking at the door. Two have outgrown us – and we are pleased to have given them their start.

And that is just what is happening at the office.

The Bath House events continue to evolve and delight. Conferences and training sessions have been booked as expected. Now we’ve expanded our reach. Art & Music comes to Canal Quay this Summer and Fall!

Sunday afternoons beginning in June we offer a destination for musicians. In a six month pilot we will provide the space for practice and jam sessions. Send us your pitch, tell us about yourselves and the space at cost. This program is designed to encourage musicians to take themselves seriously.

If booking a hot desk, then renting one monthly is a leg up for traditional and tech entrepreneurs, then a place to practice, meet up and jam should be all it takes for musicians. We’ve proved the model, now we’re growing it.

The folks from Absolute Entertainment  (Julie Lynch) are leading the charge, Big Space Studios (Declan Legge) and Soul Ambition (Tracy Dempsey) are advising behind the scenes. With their encouragement Empowering Change has committed to producing a CD which reflects the Emerald Valley journey from living room to Greenshoots to Canal Street.

Lastly – we’re ordering fittings to accommodate art shows. We’ll be using the brick archways to showcase the work of local artists and artisans. We offer the walls and an opening reception – it’s up to them to do the rest. Shows are month long, three artists are in the queue; call or email if you would like us to consider your work. Creative Dynamix (Roisin Markham) is my mentor on this one.

So join us! All of this change is catalysed in good company. Members can come, have a coffee, use the space and catch the creative spark from residents and visitors alike. Give us a call and ask us how we can help you do what we’ve done. Begin to live the dream.


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