The change I encourage is to repair and restore your own sense of self and to bring those lessons and habits into an effort to repair and restore your world.

Whatever attracted you to this blog and my work, you are very welcome.

I hope it serves as an inspiration or impetus on your personal or professional journey. Its essence simply reflects the lessons of mine.

I now live a prosperous life, trust abundance and am, for the first time in nearly six decades at ease.

My dis-ease or discontent had different manifestations over the years. Depression, obesity, an interrupted career path & a broken marriage to name but a few.

A life and work here in Ireland presented itself as the youngest of my three daughters reached adulthood. The gift of my struggle to mother well is that the “mothering” skill didn’t escape me. Nurtured, both by learning self-care and to accept nurturing from them, I was available and confident enough to seize an opportunity when it unexpectedly presented itself.

My work supporting personal change, career development and entrepreneurship is anchored by skills I began to develop in the 80’s when an unexpected mentor guided me from an ill chosen profession to this one.

Availability is the common denominator to both life changes.

These changes began ages ago, which I highlight as proof that we all have the capacity to change, by degrees, with steps forward and slips back, over the long haul.

Personal change is where it begins. The lessons are developmental and universal. Well-reared children in all cultures come of age with the skill to live at peace with themselves.

They move from dependent infants to terrible toddlers, to determined and rebellious teens and through the course of adulthood, they evolve into confident, consensus-seeking adults who negotiate calmly, both personally and professionally, to establish their place in the world.

Sadly, most of us don’t experience this ideal and uninterrupted progression. We reach adulthood struggling with our dis-ease or discontent. At best, we wish we were happier at work or at home, at worst we self medicate that dis-ease with substances or behaviours to numb it.

Thankfully if motivated by our discontent, we can all choose change.

Whether the dis-ease is in your personal or work life there are stories for you here.

And if you recognise the dysfunction of our social, economic and political systems rooted in the dis-ease of our leadership, then there are stories to inspire and empower you to challenge that leadership.

That is “servant leadership”.