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Community…Tangible Ireland

July 10, 2014


This week I’m off to Crossmaglen, “The Joys of Armagh” is the Tangible session on offer at the Cross Square Hotel. Billed as a leadership seminar, for me it’s a dose of positivity. “Can do” folk putting their heads together.

So what is Tangible Ireland?

Many things, but “your partner in a global economy” doesn’t quite say it all.

Tangible was established in Howth, County Dublin, Ireland in 2001 to provide Support Services to Start-Up Enterprises and Foreign Direct Investment Projects on the island of Ireland. Progressively Tangible has widened its horizons and now works internationally from its base in Dublin City Centre. 

In January 2009 Tangible in response to growing despondency in the market embarked on a crusade through the Tangible Leadership Series to inspire Business and Civic Leadership in Ireland and around the world based on its Core Values and Ethos.

Really, Tangible Ireland is community.

Walking through the door of Dublin Civic Trust in the fall of 2010, I was warmly welcomed. Most were known to founder Raymond Sexton and just a few to each other. One by one 10 speakers presented. Each had 15 minutes to speak on what they were passionate about; all this at the height of the economic crisis. They were confident and committed to driving their own success. They were modeling a way forward in spite of it the dire media messages.

Since the Fall of 2010, I have watched now over a hundred others inspire and carry each other over the tidal wave of change these last 4 years have brought. I’ve met the “Global Irish” and Ulster Scots abroad. I’ve seen many go from success to success, from employment to redundancy and back; start businesses, emigrate and return.

We have celebrated successes, mourned losses and gone on to give a hand up to people we’re confident will pay it forward.

Confident because we know what we’ve gained from each other. Join us. You are most welcome.

narrow-sliderYou can find the seminar schedule at

We’re in New York every May, Sydney in June and London in November engaging the “Global Irish”; for more about why, Ray Sexton explains in the Tangible blog.


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