Tasks, tools & invention, necessity not required…

imagesIt’s a poor workman who blames his tools…

This adage conjures an image:

  • a Singer sewing machine
  • my frowning, 4’10” Italian grandmother and
  • a judgment that if times got hard my “piece work” earning potential was pitiful.

Good that I’m better equipped for 21st Century “piece work”! Probably because the “tools” are more like “toys”.

My favorite new toy is Wordle!  Their copy calls it: a toy for generating “word clouds”. And I’d been playing with it as directed.

Collaboration, cooperation and a circle of like minded souls have changed all that!

Complete #SS14 Wordle

Some thing extraordinary happened when Carol Conway, Freelance Catalyst  didn’t use Wordle “as directed”.

She’s Tangible Ireland’s dynamic facilitator who was directing, coordinating & tracking the content, tenor & tone of the Ambassador Summer School  this week. She employed Wordle to help.

The gift was not in this visual which highlights the output of 25 speakers, but rather that it became a part of the process. Each day we submitted and she noted recurring words and themes. In the evening with the magic of Wordle we shared an image of where we’d been.

Here’s why it mattered:

We think in images. Carol pointed out that we are exposed to thousands (did I hear 50,000?) of bits of information a day. We remember or focus on only a tiny fraction. In a crowded room the attention of individuals was on different bits – and we experienced those through our individual filters. This image of our collective process was a brilliant way to encourage reflection on what had percolated to the top of the group consciousness and encouraged some to bring their voices and passion to other issues that hadn’t been heard.

I reveled in the power it brought to the introverts. Their voices were empowered by the reflective time. The extraverts saw what they may not have heard.

The visuals will speak for themselves and over the next few days and weeks we’ll share posts and presentations by many more of the Tangible Ambassadors.


Days1+2, Day 3 Diptic

Day 1, Day 2 Diptic








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