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Tag: Remembrance

Community…on an Authentic Political Identity

May 29, 2011 0 Comments

A post On Becoming Empowered Citizens described my sense that Ireland was, metaphorically, in an adolescent place ready to rebel against the authorities such as the church and state, and reclaim the power relinquished to them in absolute trust  and obedience for generations. The recent election certainly reflected a beginning. That spoke to the way […]

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Dear Geraldine, about Remembrance Day

November 29, 2010 1 Comment

While we’ve never met I felt compelled to write. I read your letter in the Irish News and I am sorry it was a problem for you to have your children participate in Remembrance Day activities at school. First let me offer that what I say is coloured by a the fact that while Irish […]

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Community…On Remembrance, Poppies & Homelands

November 2, 2010 1 Comment

November. Conscious of and indebted to the efforts of veterans worldwide – I remember. An American expat living in Ireland, in matters of politics I have pacifist leanings. I am, however, untroubled by my passion for honouring the military and sacrifices made on my behalf. Generations of sacrifices. American veterans, British veterans, Canadian, German, Italian, […]

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