AuthenticityHoax_AF (1)“First, creating a legacy requires a fundamental shift in the way we think about ourselves in relation to success.  This is not about being the fastest rat in the race or the one who knows how to play “the game” better than anyone else. This is about acknowledging and honoring who you really are and aligning your goals with the opportunity to feel satisfied with your daily contributions. When you operate from this platform of strength, not only will you improve your chances of success, but you also will greatly enhance the happiness you experience along the way. 

Second, all the success you achieve will mean very little if your brand (your authentic self) and values are not aligning with the other.  Eventually and sometimes tragically, this disconnect between the two will come to the surface and when it does,  you will be faced with a legacy that no matter how great your prior accomplishments, they will pale beside the revealing light that will show you were not true to yourself.”

Roz Usheroff

This is not from some self-help book. The author is a highly respected corporate trainer and the entire blog post on Branding  can be found at:

 It is not my habit to direct folks away from my site, but this is important. We are inundated every day with Klout scores, Facebook likes and LinkedIn requests to connect. What does it all mean and what is it in service of?

You are your brand.  When you are in the marketplace can folks accept you at your word? Are you working to live, or living to work? What do you want your legacy to be?

Start reading obituarys! Ask yourself what you want to be remembered for. If your work life and your personal values are in conflict, ask yourself how to align them.

Start by becoming a story teller. Tell yourself, or a trusted friend, your story.  Say who you are. Is it who you wanted to become? If not, explore what you think the obstacles to becoming that person were and are now.

At Empowering Change in Emerald Valley, we offer programming – in a group or an individual setting to help you begin to align your human “doing” with your human “being”.

This is not a dress rehearsal, choose an authentic life!